Pretty much everyone has brick walls in some line(s) of their family tree. Me too! These days, reasonably exhaustive research for those elusive ancestors might just include DNA testing.

I’ve spent $80 on Civil War pension papers. I’ve spent over $100 on gas and hotel bill for a single trip to visit courthouses in another state. Why not spend $99, give or take, to look for kinship evidence based on DNA instead of (okay, in addition to) military documents or probate files?

I’m in! And hooked! After the introductory post in my blog, look for me to post (monthly, at first) on some of my brick walls and how I hope to use DNA combined with traditional genealogy research to develop new leads. Other blog topics may also emerge–for example, I’m currently intrigued by the opportunity to test siblings and from that, determine chromosome crossover points, to identify which grandparent my different DNA segments came from. Stay tuned!

The sidebar will also show the schedule for the next few meetings of the Central Indiana DNA Interest Group and related genetic genealogy events.

Feel free to join me on this exciting journey into genealogy with genomes!

And if you’re on GEDmatch, check there to see if we may have a common ancestor. My GEDmatch ID is A876964.

~ Ann Raymont, CG®