Monthly Archives: January 2022


Happy New Year! And happy 6-year anniversary to DNAsleuth, too!

Last month I blogged about my genealogy goals, and one is to continue this blog. But look for changes this year.

My original target was to post new content on the 1st of every month—nearly always DNA-related. I’m ready to adjust my expectations now.

For starters, I’m not going to aim for the 1st any more.

And some months I may post more than once. Other months, I may skip. I still have DNA topics I want to explore and share. (I’ve already started drafting a post about Visual Phasing. And then there’s the surprises discovered when I tested a grandchild that I think you’ll find a little amazing!)

But I may post more often about genealogy that doesn’t involve biology, too. Meanwhile, the calendar in the sidebar of upcoming Central Indiana DNA Interest Group programs should still be current.

Hope to see you around!

Happy sleuthing!

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