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Negative evidence: autosomal DNA

Last time I posted about negative findings and negative evidence, in traditional document-based genealogy and in genetic genealogy. Link here.

Now for the fun stuff – a cool use of negative evidence in *autosomal* DNA. For this exercise, the research question is: from which grandparent did the DNA segment in question originate?

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Negative Evidence: genealogy methodology and DNA

Genetic genealogy, like documentary genealogy, can result in negative findings and negative evidence. What’s the difference? (It wasn’t that long ago that I was confused about that too!)

You start with a research question and a source. ‘Negative’ means the information you’re looking for in the source isn’t found. A negative finding doesn’t help you answer your research question. Negative evidence does. You may have to understand the context to know which one you have. Some examples, with document-source genealogy and DNA-source genealogy, may help.

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