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news from Central Indiana

This month’s blog post is a short, local DNA/genealogy news byte! *Big* news, to me—but not a lot of words needed.

First of all, our Central Indiana DNA Interest Group (CIDIG) has a new website!

CIDIG logo

Check us out at A few features are still under construction, but it’s the place to go to register for a free one-on-one consultation with one of our team leaders this month (on November 17 2018), and discover what other events are coming up soon! Our group can also be found on Facebook here.

(I’ll continue to have a static Central Indiana DNA Interest Group page on my DNAsleuth website too; it contains a map to our ‘home’ base location at the public library in Fishers, Indiana, and a general overview of our local DNA group. You can find our calendar of events on both sites.)

Want to know more about our Central Indiana DNA Interest Group? Erin Harris, the blogger at, featured our organization this week. Take a look here!

Finally, I am proud to announce that I now hold a Certified Genealogist® credential. After several years of dedicated work and education, and submission of a 144-page portfolio, I have been certified by the Board for Certification of Genealogists. You can read more about that organization and process here:

All cause for Thanksgiving around here!

Ann Raymont © November 2018