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What are the Odds? New help in finding birth parents

My family gets to welcome another adoptee to our extended family – yay! We have a new projected third cousin match (Mary) at 23andMe. Her dad Bill, now deceased, was born in Ohio in 1930 and later adopted. Mary would love to discover her dad’s birth parents. I spent a fair number of hours working up a hypothesis and even more hours trying to write my analysis up in a way Mary and her family might understand.

Now, there is a fantastic new tool at DNA Painter—called What Are the Odds?— that can cut down that analysis time, improve accuracy, and it’s so easy now to share the results in an easy-to-understand way! So thank you to creators Jonny Perl and Leah Larkin for making this available to genetic genealogists!

You can read more about this exciting option at TheDNAGeek Leah Larkin’s blog post Science the Heck Out of Your DNA Part 7. And you can read below to see how it worked on Mary’s case. (Because of course, I tried it out there to sanity-check my own analysis!)

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