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FTDNA Discover – SNPs

This month’s post is short but sweet!

FamilyTreeDNA has just rolled out an enhancement I’ve been holding my breath for! If you too have taken a Big-Y test and have matches in your block tree with the same terminal SNP, and you wonder how far back your common ancestor may be, go to and type in your SNP and see what their new estimate is!

(You don’t need to have a block tree to play with this tool; just a SNP. But the value, for me, is in estimating the time between specific matches, such as we see in a block tree.)

In my Harrigan surname project, we have members under four or five different terminal SNPs. One cluster has a predicted estimate around 200 years ago (plus or minus 150 years). Another cluster’s estimate is 500 years ago; a third is 700 years ago; and one SNP group is 1400 years ago. It will be fascinating to see how accurate other testers believe their results to be.

Be sure you explore all the pages at this site. It will recommend groups for you to join, and much more.

I have a FLYNN kit going through the Big-Y analysis right now — I can’t wait to revisit this website when those results are in!

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