It’s been a busy summer!

I’ve been lucky to be able to participate in a couple virtual genealogy institutes, as well as some individual webinars. While I miss the face-to-face networking, there’s a lot to like in this virtual model: no travel costs, no lines for the restrooms…. ;D  This past month, I also discovered firsthand how challenging it can be to deliver a remote presentation, when you aren’t able to see your audience and tell whether they are nodding in comprehension, or nodding off!

So, I’d like to offer huge thanks here to everyone who works so hard to continue keeping the genealogy community engaged and supported lately!

Here is the description of my event, hosted by the Ozarks Genealogical Society.

If you’d like to see this presentation, it was recorded on Facebook Live and is available to anyone here.

A link to the handout is in the comments to that linked post.

Happy sleuthing!

© August 2021      Ann Raymont, CG®

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