Remote learning

I’ve gotten both my Covid vaccines, and I am so looking forward to gathering in person again this year. At the same time, though, I’m very grateful for all the opportunities we now have for remote learning. It’s certainly a perk to be able to attend presentations that aren’t local, and my education budget stretches a lot farther without travel expenses!

Here is a sampling of some upcoming genealogy events with DNA programming you may be interested in. (Many offer lots of awesome non-DNA tracks too.)

Central Indiana DNA Interest Group (CIDIG): The Indiana State Library is hosting a Virtual DNA Workshop, Sat 8 May 2021 : 11:30 – 3: 30. Free but registration required. See . Check the sidebar of my blog here to see some of the other events we have scheduled this year.


NGS 17-21 May 2021: The annual National Genealogical Society conference is virtual this year. Registration and schedule information are found at .

Southern California Jamboree 4-5 June 2021: Thispopular conference has a specific track for DNA, called The Genes in Your Family. Details available here: .

Conference Keeper: Check out the Conference Keeper here: or filter to limit results to virtual events here: There may be literally hundreds to choose from every month. I find it easiest to choose the monthly view. You may just get the first word or characters from each title, but you can hover your cursor over any event to get a full description. Conversely, you can choose a pinboard or agenda view for more details at first glance, but you’ll need to ‘load more’ multiple times to see all the events that month. There is no option to filter by topic or cost, but you should be able to find answers in the descriptions.


Week-long institutes have never been more affordable, since you don’t need to book accommodations too.

GRIP and IGHR: Both weeks at GRIP 2021 are currently sold out but you can get added to a waiting list here: IGHR still has openings (last I looked) for some of their programs (including DNA) the week beginning July 25th. Details are here: .

TIGR 13-18 June 2021:  The Texas Institute of Genealogical Research is hosted by the Texas State Genealogical Society and offers (among other options) a program dedicated to DNA fundamentals. Check it out there: .

Individual on-demand options

RootsTech: Roberta Estes graced us all with a list (and links!) to all the DNA presentations from RootsTech 2021 here: . They’re all virtual and all free too! Curated sessions are about 20 minutes, Tips and Tricks are about <5-15 minutes, and DNA Learning Center options are usually 10-20 minutes. There are a few hour-long sessions too.

Legacy Family Tree webinars: I definitely recommend a subscription, for unlimited access to their hundreds of webinars, but even folks looking for freebies will find something new every week. Explore their website here: .  New opportunities will be highlighted on the main page. Often, they are free to all for the first seven days only. To look for upcoming and archived presentations by topic, you can go to Browse the Library and choose categories from the drop-down, and—for example–scroll to DNA. Or just use this link: .  But don’t limit your curiosity to DNA topics; there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained here!

‘See’ you around! 

© May 2021, Ann Raymont, CG®

1 thought on “Remote learning

  1. smpfamily

    I agree. Staying safe and using many of the resources you mention, I have learned so much this past year, about DNA, general genealogy, and researching in central Europe for my Polish ancestors and DNA kin. I belong to several genealogical organizations, and it has been great to be able to participate remotely in meetings and presentations. While it will be great to get together again in person, I am hoping for a hybrid approach for some meetings in the future.

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